Diaspora By Francesco Sambati

The last series on Polaroid called ‘Diaspora’ by Francesco Sambati explores South Italy’s holiday destinations in the months when the inhabitants go away and become deserted. The only thing left are the colours and shadows and an absence so strong to almost take shape.

2017-07-04_595bb4572421f_Francesco_Sambati-3.jpg 2017-07-04_595bb45724414_Francesco_Sambati-6.jpg 2017-07-04_595bb457243b3_Francesco_Sambati-2.jpg 2017-07-04_595bb45724353_Francesco_Sambati-4.jpg 2017-07-04_595bb457242f1_Francesco_Sambati-1.jpg 2017-07-04_595bb4572428c_Francesco_Sambati-5.jpg