Davide Monciatti / on land

“On land” by Davide Monciatti: Silent spaceships, just landed on a desolate land. Short light havens sunk in the night. Nine landscapes that stop time in a state of grace: supermarkets, shops, shopping centers, gas stations, caught in the sleeping hours in an abnormal form of life. Bright islands in dark parking lots and deserted sidewalks, almost to forget the crowds, the noise, the bustle, the worries of the intense day, to free itself from the icon of consumerism that they represents. Architecture that becomes non-place in a landscape never georeferenced, but regains its aesthetic dignity in a monumental and alienating dimension, within a silence of solitude and lack of communication. A metaphysical paradox, where the places of daily life contrasts with the absence of civilization. The light outlines the boundaries of familiar buildings in a silhouette with no horizon, exalting the voids and the full and reverberates on the asphalt; artificial neon glows of which you might just hear the hum.

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