Daniel Müller Jansen

The series Overexposed shows gated communities of wealthy South Africans as hidden and allegedly secure places behind walls, electric fences and security systems. The focus is on gated communities as a manifestation of escapism and faked paradises which Daniel Müller Jansen fixed in pastel and faded colour photographs. The artist intends contradictions between the sugarcoated depictions and the subtextual political content. Müller Jansen plays with the issue of privacy, security and trust and creates variations of content and interpretation – works about rules and regulations – about elitism and identity formation – and about an emerging culture of fear. Current shown at: The Grass Is Greener Gallery, Leipzig, Germany COSPEDA – SOUTH AFRICA Opening reception | November 6th 2015 at 7 p.m. Exhibition | November 6th 2015 to January 9th 2016

2015-11-04_563a04fae3ae4_Overexposedno_1.jpg 2015-11-04_563a04fae3ced_Overexposed-no.-11.jpg 2015-11-04_563a04fae3c87_Overexposedno_10.jpg 2015-11-04_563a04fae3c25_Overexposedno_9.jpg 2015-11-04_563a04fae3bbe_Overexposedno_3.jpg 2015-11-04_563a04fae3b57_Overexposedno_2.jpg