Ajuan Song / Everything you know about love.

In Chinese mythology, yin and yang were born from chaos when the universe was created, and they are believed to exist in harmony at the center of the Earth. Yet the ever-changing imbalance between the two poles is the source of the constant flux of our lives. A chemigram, too, is formed from chaos: its lines, shapes, and tones fight, conform, and interact with one another. “My passion for the medium grew from my need to break free of a childhood shaped by discipline and conformity. Making my images, I am Alice in the wonderland. The works are the projections of my dreamland. They represent the liberation of my mind and heart, a release from my silence. They are the philosophy in my soul that connects my inner world to the outside. The balance between freedom and control – yin and yang – is my ultimate goal, yet the challenge of reaching and maintaining this balance is what thrills me.”

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