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Introducing The Second Ignant Shop Product: A Room Scent Created With AOIRO


Crafted with olfactory design studio AOIRO, the limited-edition Ignant Scent translates the visual world of Ignant into a singular olfactory experience. Intended as an atmospheric interpretation of a distinct aesthetic focus, the room spray comes in a sculptural 100 mL glass flacon featuring a fine-mist spray dispenser. Its bespoke packaging in a traditional Kiribako box handcrafted from paulownia wood reflects AOIRO’s Japanese origins and a mutual emphasis on artisanship.

The concept

Two distinct yet complementary references formed the point of departure for AOIRO’s holistic translation of Ignant into a distinctive olfactory experience: the earthy evocations of the forest floor—wood crackling underfoot, soothing pines, and pure resins—and the notion of calm through focus, leading into a contemplative yet fully attuned state of clarity. Explorations of the relationship between balance, disproportion, and harmony inflected the scent’s conceptual development with a positive tension.

The ingredients

Following their trademark process, which blends craft with chemistry and precision with intuition, AOIRO translated Ignant Founder and Creative Director Clemens Poloczek’s cues into a palette of pure materials that tempers centering frankincense, earthy pine and sonorous Hiba and gentle Ho woods with a soft matte sage, warm rose geranium and subtle grapefruit tinges. Rather than giving precedence to one particular ingredient, a harmonious imbalance brings each to the fore, eliciting an atmosphere that apports a resonant sensory texture to any space in which it is applied.

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The designers

Though their output is embodied in glass vials and vessels, for Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig of Berlin-based olfactory design studio AOIRO, the creative process is about everything but the scent itself. Taking its name from the Japanese expression for “the color of blue”, AOIRO offers invitations to emotional encounters. Whether collaborating with hotels, artists, or automotive brands, the Austro–Japanese pair take a holistic approach to their olfactive experiences, drawing on their backgrounds in aromatherapy, philosophy, and design to develop singular sensory encounters.


The limited-edition Ignant Scent, created in Germany in collaboration with olfactory design studio AOIRO, comes in a 100mL glass flacon featuring a fine-mist spray top and is packaged in a traditional Kiribako handcrafted in Japan from paulownia wood. The Ignant Scent is exclusively available for purchase via the Ignant Shop.

Read more about the creative process behind the scent in an interview with AOIRO’s Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig.

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