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A beguiling place of wonders and contrasts, Lisbon is a city built for exploring: art, food, music, and nature can be found in almost every corner. Replete with contemporary decors, period charm, and minimalist glamor, the recently opened Ivens Hotel welcomes guests to pause and unlock their imagination in a soothing oasis-like ambience of heightened elegance, before venturing into the city’s excitement.

Located in Chiado, one of the city’s most historic and riveting neighborhoods, The Ivens occupies an elegant 19th-century building, formerly hosting the radio station Rádio Renascença. Approached from the street, its pink facades harmoniously blend in with the surrounding buildings, striking a fine balance between modern and heritage while seductively reflecting Lisbon’s vibrant architectural landscape. The exterior’s elegance and beauty are carried on inside, where common areas are swathed in warm-toned colors, sumptuous textures, and ornate patterns, making for an effortlessly modern and welcoming ambience.


A tropical realm for the curious traveler, the hotel seeks to reawaken a taste for adventure through a rich blend of decor, history, and eclectic art. Underpinned by a maximalist aesthetic, Barcelona-based designer Lázaro Rosa-Violan has imbued the common areas with intriguing decorative elements that nod to the history of 19th-century Portuguese expeditions in Central Africa. Giving the impression of having stepped into a jungle—albeit one of sophistication and charming detail—the characterful interiors convey a unique sense of exploration; from the velvet armchairs, travel books, and tropical plants in the lobby, to the petroleum blue corridors with framed period photographs and route maps of distant lands.

A tropical realm for the curious traveler, the hotel seeks to reawaken a taste for adventure

Designed by interior designer Cristina Matos, the 87 light-flooded rooms and suites unite comfort and sleek minimalism. With king- and queen-size beds, marble or classical black-and-white bathroom flooring, and five-star amenities—including intuitive technology and a personalized fragrance by Jo Malone—the sparsely furnished rooms create serene hideaways that conjure the storied past. A muted palette of beiges, whites, and greens sets the tone, as natural materials like wood and straw tie everything together. Fauna and flora motifs run throughout; from rain-forest patterned wallpapers to animal sculptures and memorabilia galore, the rooms are a place of relaxation as much as they are of discovery. Behind the long white drapes, sweeping views of the city invite guests to further dive into the peace on the spacious private terrace, sipping chilled Champagne as the sun ceremoniously descends into the Tagus River.


At The Ivens, luxury is in the detail; from the warm service to the atmosphere, everything is impeccable. The level of luxuriance hits its peak at Rocco, the multi-area restaurant accessible from the lobby or the street. Exuding old-school glamor with its combination of art deco flamboyance and mid-century elegance, it is an all-day-long source of delight. With mustard-painted ceilings and plush pillows, the Ristorante area encourages diners to discover the different flavors of Italy, prepared by the talented chefs working in the open kitchen. Next door, the Gastrobar lets guests savor international small dishes and eclectic cocktails surrounded by an imposing wine display, while the upstairs blue-walled Crudo Bar invites to indulge in seafood and shellfish in a charming setting reminiscent of the Italian coast. Rounding up the hotel’s facilities is Rocco’s idyllic terrace with its green umbrellas and lemon trees in glazed ceramic vases—a place as romantic and lyrical as much as impressive.

Just a stone’s throw away from the hotel’s understated and tranquil oasis, Lisbon’s vibrant day- and nightlife awaits. Surrounded by prestigious boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, museums, theaters, bars, and more, the hotel is a prime base for any explorer looking to get lost in the rich history, young spirit, and picturesque views of Portugal’s best gem.


Image © Nuno Correia


Image © Nuno Correia


The Ivens
Rua Capelo 5
1200-224 Lisboa


Images © Francisco Nogueira

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