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Noortje Veenhuizen’s Warm Illustrations Celebrate Passionate Women

Nove Design

Emerging Dutch artist and digital designer Noortje Veenhuizen first developed her interest in art illustration through Instagram. Her contemporary designs champion women with an aura of confidence that is present in both their appearance and their poses.

“At first, I started to use Instagram for inspiration and to get in touch with other illustrators,” Veenhuizen tells IGNANT. “Quickly my interest was stimulated by the community, and now I’m discovering what my own style is.” Veenhuizen works under the professional name Nove Design, and illustrates with the intention of creating warm, feminine, and strong characters. “I aim to portray females who have diverse backgrounds, but have one very important thing in common: they’re passionate about what they do,” she says. “They’re committed, they’re driven, they’re dreamers.” Ultimately, Veenhuizen’s neutral, beige-colored designs intend to let the women’s beauty and self-assuredness speak for itself. “I want to build a brand that supports women in their search for their identity,” she says. “I’m just working on a small part of the bigger picture—the importance and power of women uplifting other women.”

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All images © Noortje Veenhuizen

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