The Art Of Light: Introducing The Haze Shelf By Wonmin Park

Haze Series

The work of Paris-based designer Wonmin Park is known for its materiality; his conceptual series ‘Haze’ features pieces cast from resin and muted colors that mimic plays of light and ghostly apparitions.

From this collection is the recently released ‘Haze Shelf’: a limited edition piece that combines four columns of smoke colored resin with two shelves made from aluminum. This mixing of hard and soft gives Park’s work a dreamlike quality, “reminiscent of seeing something without fixed contours, bound together by light and air”, his website explains. The aluminum shelves act as a visual anchor for the resin columns, whose opaqueness make them appear almost weightless. We visited the South Korean designer at his Paris studio where we spoke about balance his introspective art practice. You can find the full conversation online here.


All images © Wonmin Park, courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery