Byoungho Kim Gives Form To Sound Through His Immersive Installations


The expansive work of Korean artist Byoungho Kim includes site-specific metallic and aluminum installations that utilize ambient sounds, creating immersive art experiences that demonstrate the invisible: giving sound a physical form.

“I’ve always been interested in energy and visual images in styles that extend energy”, Kim commented in a press release about his solo exhibition, ‘A System’. The artist’s interest in “visualizing the invisible things in the world” means his artworks connect sight and sound together. Selected works include ‘Soft Crash’ (2011), a wall-mounted sound installation shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London. This piece visually resembles an exploded star, with dozens of white tubes representing light particles. The artwork emanates soft electric sounds that encourage the viewer to absorb the work’s aura in its entirety: visually, audibly, and energetically. “The essence of sound is the vibrations of frequency”, explained Kim. “And these vibrations are often seen as geometric patterns to the eye. Through the process of changing these geometric patterns, they become sounds for the artworks.” Other works include ‘His Lucid Dream’ (2013), a minimal concrete sculpture that follows a similar aesthetic to that of ‘Soft Crash’; and ‘Garden_01’ (2013), a multicolored installation made from aluminum and steel poles positioned in a large-scale grid of 8 x 24 rows.


Byoungho Kim, ‘Garden_01’ (2013). Image © Korean Artist Project


Byoungho Kim, ‘Garden_01’ (2013). Image © Korean Artist Project


Byoungho Kim, ‘Soft Crash’ (2011). Saatchi Gallery, London. Image © Byoungho Kim


Byoungho Kim, ‘Soft Crash’ (2011). Saatchi Gallery, London. Image © Korean Artist Project


Byoungho Kim, ‘His Lucid Dream’ (2013). Image © Korean Artist Project


Byoungho Kim, 'Intrinsic Order', (2013). Image © Byoungho Kim


Byoungho Kim, 'The Progression Of Silence', (2013). Image © Byoungho Kim

All images © Byoungho Kim

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