Mikael Christian Strøbek’s Contemporary Geometric Sculptures Are Not What They Seem


The novel practice of Berlin-based visual artist Mikael Christian Strøbek merges photography, sculpture, light, and digital art, making themes of perception and movement physical through installation.

Strøbek’s contemporary, minimal works give perspective on shape, color, and composition in different artistic contexts. Upon first look, the viewer assumes Strøbek’s works to be of a physical nature, yet often the artist will create 3D conceptual renderings of his installations. He says the digital works seek to “redefine artistic production in connection to architectural contexts”. This way of working allows Strøbek to address both the scalability of the work as well as site-specific aspects, which he explains “makes it possible for me to enter a dialogue with the interested party before the artwork is finalised”.

These renderings often do manifest into abstract physical sculptures, mostly in the form of large-scale photographic installations. His conceptual work ‘Mirror Box’ is a series of images of a plywood surface mounted on a mirrored box, that rests on a physical plywood floor. ‘Peeling Wall’ is an installation of curved metal sheets and black glass that gives the perception that the wall is, indeed, peeling off. By using multiple mediums in his geometric works, Strøbek creates a frame through which the viewer can freely assign their own impressions.

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