Turning Into Public Transportation Seats


German artist Menja Stevenson mixes artistic disciplines to bring up questions about reality and fiction. One project, called Bustour, is based on eye-catching uniforms that she made of bus covers from Germany’s transportation network. Wearing the dresses whilst riding the buses, Menja captured the reaction of fellow passengers.

“The photographs from the series “bus tour” were taken during the making of the different videos for my performance series “public pattern” that I had accomplished, both by tailoring the dresses and handbags and by being filmed using the different bus companies in my camouflage outfits. The main idea was to become invisible in the camouflage dresses and at the same time make the overlooked be noticed: It’s the ugly design of bus seat fabrics for instance that is being ignored each and every day by the public. The fabric remains invisible and nobody takes notice of it because it can’t be changed or undone anyway. With my bus tour performances  I indirectly pose questions regarding art, design, beauty, function and life quality. Why can’t the functinonal out there be beautiful? Why are we simply exposed to such unpleasant design in public space? Who designs these fabrics and is the purpose of dirt-repellency the ever existent excuse for bad taste in public transportation?”

All images © Menja Stevenson
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArt_BusTour_Gemrany_02Art_BusTour_Gemrany_MenjaStevenson_01Art_BusTour_Gemrany_MenjaStevenson_02Art_BusTour_Gemrany_MenjaStevenson_03Art_BusTour_Gemrany_MenjaStevenson_04Art_BusTour_Gemrany_MenjaStevenson_04
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