’88 Meets ’18 In Our/Vodka’s Latest Editorial

Maximilian Mouson

From the after-hours project of a small group of friends in Stockholm to a global brand with local roots: Our/Vodka has grown to have a definitive style, as exemplified in Our/Berlin’s latest colorful editorial.

Crafted in six micro-distilleries around the world—Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York—Our/Vodka has an emphasis on sourcing their ingredients as locally as possible. As such, though there is but one recipe used across the board, you can taste the differences of each city. Clean-tasting and slightly fruity, the vibrant nature of this clear liquor comes to life in an editorial shot by Berlin-based photographer Maximilian Mouson. In contrast to the minimal identity design of the Our/Vodka brand, Our/Berlin has delved into a brilliantly rich world of color, creating a pastiche of retro design and clean modern lines that the brand calls “’88 meets ’18”.

In cooperation with Our/Vodka.

All images © Maximilian Mouson

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