IGNANT Studio’s First Print Magazine: Spaces Between

Spaces Between, Berlin

Ten years ago, IGNANT was born in Berlin—so it made sense that Spaces Between, our first foray into print, be centered on the city and a different way of seeing it.

So, what are the spaces between? They’re the interstitial moments or liminal areas that somehow tell us more about where we are, or what we are doing, than the full picture itself. Such spaces exist at the threshold between set structures; within them is the possibility for change and the potential for invention and creation.

In Spaces Between we gave ten photographers from Berlin disposable cameras: Alexander Kilian, Arturo Bamboo, Jasmine Deporta, Joseph Kadow, Lukas Korschan, Sarah Blais, Sigurd Grünberger, Silvia Conde, Vitali Gelwich and Volker Conradus. Their brief? To photograph the city of Berlin from their own perspective. The result is a kaleidoscopic representation of the metropolis—but not as you would expect. Within the magazine’s pages, tenderness eclipses history, the center becomes the periphery, and moments of play multiply. In these photographs, the complex nature of Berlin is, at least in part, revealed.

While IGNANT was born in this protean city, the photographers we invited to capture the nebulous identity of the capital were not—but that is not to diminish their standing as Berliners. The beauty of this city is that precisely because of its in-between nature, people from all over the world are able to call it home: Come for a day, stay for a week; chances are, you too will never want to leave.

Intrigued? You can see the city from our perspective by ordering the magazine online here.

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Spaces Between
210 × 297 mm · 100 pages · Berlin, DE
Creative Director: Clemens Poloczek · Editor: Rosie Flanagan
Producer: Daniel Müller · Design: Deutsche & Japaner

Animation © Selam X for IGNANT studio


SALT by Boir x Ignant

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