MAR-pallet: The First Interior Object By IGNANT Studio

Daniel Müller

‘MAR-pallet’ is the first interior object by IGNANT studio: a limited edition piece made entirely of colored marble. The striking and innovative rendition contains the precise measurements of the well-known EUR-pallet.

‘MAR-pallet’ reinvents the pallet’s traditional form by drawing on the beauty of metamorphic rock stone. The one-of-a-kind interior piece conforms to the exact dimensions of the European Pallet Pool (EPP) standardization, meaning it can be exchanged ‘pallet for pallet’ like its standard wooden counterparts. However, unlike the 500 million pallets that are currently circulating around the globe, the ‘MAR-pallet’ sets itself apart with its arresting aesthetic: five different colorways layered across one another to produce an interior design piece that is both playful and plush.

Designer: Clemens Poloczek & Sebastian Pleus
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 120 cm × 80 cm × 14,4 cm
Weight: 180 kg
Color: White, black, green, red, yellow
Price: On request

All images © Daniel Müller for IGNANT

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