Andreas Wannerstedt

Strangely Mesmerizing Art By Andreas Wannerstedt

Oddly Satisfying

Swedish motion designer and artist Andreas Wannerstedt creates colorful, animated art in his digital series, ‘Oddly Satisfying’.

The abstract series is split into four volumes of 3D animations. All videos are short loops of different interior objects and machines performing transfixing motions: including marbles rolling onto shafts, puzzle-piece configurations fitting together, and liquid textures twisting in perfect, endless circulation. The dynamic geometry is intended to trigger, as the title suggests, some kind of odd satisfaction, as well as what Wannerstedt refers to as “That inexplicable feeling we all know”. Indeed, the animations are gratifying and indicative of the internet’s fascination with Autonomous sensory meridian response experiences, or ASMR: where colorful, looping graphics soothe the viewer’s psyche as they consume endless repetitions of digital content.

All images and animations © Andreas Wannerstedt