When Your Shadows Flower

As summer softly winds its way to a close, the sun starts sinking lower in the sky and our shadows grow longer. This season has stretched time out of shape, days have bled into weeks, and weeks into months. As the heat slowly languishes, we begin to bloom.

The deep floral notes of Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori are full of the richness of such late arrivals. To bloom is to come into health and vigour. If you are blooming, you are flourishing. If you are blooming, you are becoming. Whilst it’s easy to begrudge this slow change of season, we would do well to remember that flowers do not open only in spring—the best things always take time. For IGNANT Production, Alexander Kilian has captured the intricate harmony of scents in physical form, the nuances of the perfume expressive of modern femininity in its guises—strong with a liberal dash of whimsy, warmth and confidence.


In collaboration with Gucci

Production: IGNANT Production · Photographer: Alexander Kilian · Creative Director: Clemens Poloczek · Model: Leslie / M4 Models · Florist: Marsano · Producer: Daniel Müller · Hair & Make-Up: Susanna Jonas · Styling: Lorena Maza · Video: Nathan Ceddia · Music: Troy Hewson · Grading: Benjamin Packer / BIGFISH