Ester Grass Vergara’s Delicately Designed Photographs


Amsterdam-based photographer Ester Grass Vergara began her career in design, but it wasn’t long before she realized her passion lay in photographing fashion rather than creating it: “I like to decide what people see rather than what they wear.”

Whilst her work focuses predominantly on fashion, it isn’t limited to editorials with models. Instead, Vergara’s photographic oeuvre comprises black and white landscapes, portraits, still lifes and fashion editorials, all drawn together by their delicate design and emotive composition. Light and shade play an important role in Vergara’s photography—she utilizes them as graphic elements. Light cast across her still lifes creates abstract shadows, and in her black and white portraiture, the absence of light offers a greater depth to her subjects. She notes that this interest in light and shade is due to her roots—her father is from Argentina, a land of golden sun and deep green shade.

All images © Ester Grass Vergara

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