Urban Self-Portraits By Anna Di Prospero

Italian photographer Anna di Prospero created a series of vibrant self-portraits in eclectic urban environments. In the images, di Prospero is shown either in front of a quirky facade or sprawled out in various positions seemingly enclosed by the buildings. In an interview, she explains why her work focuses on self-portraits: “I think self-portraits are a good way to examine yourself and your relationships with others. A self-portrait forces you to ask questions about who you are and admit things to yourself.”

Anna di Prospero_Photography_2 Anna di Prospero_Photography_13 Anna di Prospero_Photography_4 Anna di Prospero_Photography_11 Anna di Prospero_Photography_9 Anna di Prospero_Photography_3 Anna di Prospero_Photography_1 Anna di Prospero_Photography_8 Anna di Prospero_Photography_5 Anna di Prospero_Photography_12 Anna di Prospero_Photography_7 Anna di Prospero_Photography_6 Anna di Prospero_Photography_10

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