The Cloaked House By 3r Ernesto Pereira

Shrouded in a dense sea of foliage, the ‘Cloaked House’ has been designed by Portuguese architecture firm 3r Ernesto Pereira, to blend into the enveloping landscape, providing impressive views across the valley beyond.

Through the use of glass, which flanks the entirety of the exterior, the home is camouflaged against a backdrop of Marco de Canaveses woodland. During the summer months, the ‘Cloaked House’ disappears into landscape, as nature consumes the building, and the glass walls reflect its ever-changing forms. When the summer heat fades and the winter sun emerges, the bare branches make way for the sun to seep through the facade, warming the home. Sandwiched between two horizontal slabs of concrete, the design of the home has been meticulously considered to complement the surrounding setting. As such, the wooden terrace, which extends out from the open-plan living space and cantilevers over the hillside, is perforated by trees. This consideration has determined the unconventional flow of the home. Inside, the neutral palette and use of wood maintains the seamless relationship between the architecture and the setting. The close proximity of furniture to nature, separated only by a wall of glass, offers a unique experience which differs depending on season. The bedroom is accompanied by an ensuite and shower room, which features a glass door facing the valley, offering the experience of open air showers.


All images © João Morgado