Seductive Satisfaction From Rebecca Scheinberg

Working with the material and formal qualities of an image to create harmony, Australian-born, London-based photographer Rebecca Scheinberg creates still-life images as seductive as they are satisfying.

Through her meticulous lens, Rebecca’s photography is so technically perfect it appears almost computer generated. Her works are instantly recognizable, producing strikingly graphic imagery, contrasted by elements of sensuality and fragility. In ‘Stems’, a recent collaborative project between Rebecca and Carla of Still Life Flowers, the exploration of light, form and composition rendered each flower as a unique object. Staying true to the personality of her photography, Rebecca explains the process behind the ‘Stems’ series, “The vibrant, dusty hues have been arranged into a quiet choreography; the flowers are still but not static. In our quest to find new approaches to floral arrangement, we formed a distinctively feminine approach; delicate and powerful, dirty, greasy and vibrant all at the same time.”

“...we formed a distinctively feminine approach; delicate and powerful, dirty, greasy and vibrant all at the same time.”

Rebecca also harnesses the power of lighting in her choreographic artistry, as seen in her editorial series created for POLANSKI Magazine and in her personal project ‘Contest of Passion In Four Seasons’. The personal series, in which Rebecca was responsible for both photography and set design, is a photographic study of light and form. The study is inspired by seasonal Japanese paintings of the same name, which were created in late 1790s to early 1800s by Chobunsai Eishi. Rebecca explains the influence of these paintings on her photography, “The paintings are an erotic series that employ a sensitive use of colour and a flat yet translucent depiction of light. It is these elements that were the starting point for the photographic series.”


All images © Rebecca Scheinberg