J.Kim FW 17 ‘Still Lifes’


Founded in 2013, J.Kim is the fashion brand of Korean designer Jenia Kim, which now lives and works in Moscow. Her Asian culture plays a key role in every collection of J.Kim brand, exploring the unknown parts of it and evolving the core elements of traditional Asian costume. Inspired by the original Korean dress, Jenia tries to represent it in a modern way. Despite the retrospective sources of inspiration, the collections of J.Kim reflect contemporary fashion and tradition of the Korean culture at the same time.
For the J.Kim FW 17 collection, Jenia Kim created a series named ‘Still Lifes’ in collaboration with director Gina Onegina and photographer Eugene Shishkin. The collection features clean lines and soft materials in this season’s indispensable red colour tones and check patterns. The “Still Lifes” images show the collection’s key pieces displayed on a chair. Jenia Kim’s Korean roots are not reflected in her designs, but rather in typically Korean meals, positioned on her clothes. From rice to Kimchi and flowers, all of Kim’s favourite Korean food is put into context with her contemporary fashion design. This series focuses on the designer’s roots, presenting contemporary fashion while giving an opportunity to get acquainted with the rich Korean culture.

All images © Eugene Shishkin

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