Gilleam Trapenberg Explores Representations of Masculinity


As a recent graduate of The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art, photographer Gilleam Trapenberg offers a fresh pair of eyes on long existing cultural traditions and conventions. In the series ‘Big Papi’, Trapenberg provides a visual commentary on masculinity in his Caribbean home of Curaçao, presenting the country as “an island of paradoxes”–namely, “where the cliche of macho-culture exists alongside strong, independent women and pink coloured skies.” The images develop the photographer’s exploration of masculinity and its representation, and Trapenberg recognises the work to be greatly personal. The photographer explains, “Big Papi is a visual research into the image culture of masculinity set against a sunset lit Caribbean landscape. A time of day in which borders are less defined.”

All images © Gilleam Trapenberg

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