Surreal Collages By Artist John Stezaker

British artist John Stezaker creates surreal collages for his numbered ‘Masks’ series. Using black and white portraits from the 1940s and 1950s, he covers the faces with colored landscape postcards, replacing the facial features in an absurd manner. Through this juxtapositions, Stezaker explores the various meanings of the original images in his own quirky way.

johnstezaker_art-05 johnstezaker_art-07 johnstezaker-01 johnstezaker_art-011 johnstezaker_art-13 johnstezaker-02 johnstezaker_art-04 johnstezaker_art-12 johnstezaker-03 johnstezaker_art-06 johnstezaker_art-14

All images © John Stezaker