A Panoramic Retreat By Nravil Architects

Kazakhstan-based Nravil Architects value simplicity. For their ‘White Line’ house, the primary focus was to create a project with minimal harm caused to the natural environment–in this case, a rural landscape in the city of Almaty.

‘White Line’ is a concrete-framed structure that sits on stilts, in a site that required little excavation. With a white exterior of non-repetitive angular shapes, the house provides a striking visual tension with its surrounding environment. Despite this, ‘White Line’ retains a sense of familiarity to the landscape, through the presence of reflective panoramic windows that mirror the surrounding trees and skyline. This relates to the simultaneous severity and unity that can be perceived in the project, extended through the continuity of white through the interior. As Nravil Architects explain, the balcony offers a perfect setting to enjoy fresh air and a panoramic view of the horizon. Through such features, ‘White Line’ indulges its residents in an experience of complete openness and privacy with nature.


All images © Mussabekova Ulbossyn