The 14th Factory Of Simon Birch


Born in the United Kingdom and based in Hong Kong, artist Simon Birch conceived the nonprofit 14th Factory Foundation, a monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience.

Transforming a 150,000-square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles into a new factory, the reconstructed location functions as an atelier where Birch and his 20 creative collaborators work and manufacture their art, creating an ever-changing exhibition of 14 interlinked spaces, featuring video, installation, sculpture, paintings and performance. Simon Birch’s installation titled “Barmecide Feast” shows an exact replica of the room in Stanley Kubrick`s legendary film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Further installations showcase 300 pitchforks hanging from the ceiling, and a room with pieces of a Ferrari that the team crashed and filmed themselves. By walking through The 14th Factory, the visitor plays a central figure in a collaboratively fabricated adventure, that challenges the current political climate by celebrating creative diversity and unity.


All images © 14th Factory Foundation