Chris Porsz Recreates Pictures He Took 40 Years Ago


For the last 40 years, street photographer Chris Porsz has been documenting working class people in his hometown of Peterborough as well as other parts of England. Now Porsz decided to track down those same people he once photographed in the 70s and 80s in order to update on their lives, prompting a reunion with all of them. As a result, the artist issued a miscellany titled ‘Reunions’, comprising of 135 reunions. From punks to policemen, the photographer captured portraits of life that were unique and honest.

Porsz’s update was not just a gathering of subjects, but a special reunion for the people who appeared in the photos, who hadn’t seen each other for years. Reflecting on this, Porsz explained, “It has been enormously satisfying to do so many reunions and seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they met up with old friends again. I’ve felt very privileged.” All together, the photos represent an exciting collection of life stories and a valuable social record of a constantly changing city.

All images © Chris Porsz

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