A Portrayal Of A Failed Society By Marco Bottin


Italian artist Marco Bottin transforms everyday objects into art pieces charged with political and socio-economic meaning. These objects show the collision between symbolic content and purpose of use.The artist concentrates on the desperateness of the human effort in finding a place in society and a purpose in life. “In focusing all his expectation on possession, man becomes a sterile being who charges the world of objects with so much symbolical weight that the objects themselves revolt against him“, writes the artist. Bottini’s art objects whose aesthetics contradict heavily with their alarming message criticize the foundations of our modern societies that are based on capitalism and profit optimization. Not surprisingly, Bottin has been dealing with sociological topics for some time. In 2005 he graduated in Philosophy at Venice University after writing his thesis in Economic Sociology on the topic of gift and reciprocity. Nowadays the artist lives in his hometown Padua in Italy and puts his theoretical thoughts into practice using an artistic approach to express his ideas.

All images © Marco Bottin

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