Ephemeral Moments By Benoit Paillé

Based in Montreal, the french canadian artist Benoit Paillé can be described as an atypic photographer, a creative genius as well as absent and edgy.

Very early in his life he became surrounded by secondhand smoke and nicotine patches, which had an impact on his artistic taste. For some years he was stoned on ritalin while he undertook a biomedical career until he started with his art. Paillé always experiments creative ways to capture intriguing portrait photographs with wonderful compositions of light, colors and details. By using colorful flashes to outline surreal representations, the artist has a predilection for casual people, kitch landscapes, fences and strange parking lots. His work evokes raw emotions expressed in all of his photos. Paillé explains his use of photography as a “medium to reach out to the individual”.

All images © Benoit Paillé