Melitta’s Baumeister Visionary Approach To Fashion


Oversized silhouettes, hybrid materials, abnormal shapes. With each collection, Melitta Baumeister continues to pursue her clear vision, pushing the ideas of what tomorrow could be. Balancing between design, art and sculpture, her works go beyond the conventional understanding of fashion. To form her unearthly pieces, Melitta often experiments with the materials and chooses industrial fabrics. Featuring neon colours and outstanding shapes, as well as white shirts and plain simplicity, Melitta’s new collection shows the essence of her works – the perfect balance between complexity and minimalism.

Baumeister says: “I always start from a broader thought which I then narrow down into a visual statement. There are so many things that influence me simultaneously. They can be anything. If you really look at why and where your interests come from you can see their connections to one another. This is where you start to understand your own vision.”

All images © Paul Jung

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