Yayoi Kusama’s 1300 Floating Steel Balls


Originally created for the 1966 Venice Biennale, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama‘s installation Narcissus Garden has recently been reconstructed at the Glass House Estate in Connecticut. 1.300 steel balls are drifting on a pond, creating a dramatic view to American architect Philip Johnson‘s iconic Glass House. They form a kinetic sculpture that moves with wind, following the pond’s natural currents. The Glass House Estate in New Canaan features 14 structures designed by Johnson who was the first architect to win the famous Pritzker Prize and died at the house in 2005. The installation can be visited until November 2016.

All images © Lane Coder via Dezeen
Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_14Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_08Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_13Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_06Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_12Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_11Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_10Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_02Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_01Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_03Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_04Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_05Art_Yayoi Kusama-GlassHouse_SteelBalls_07
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