Vincent Leroy’s Boreal Halo

In his sculptural installations, French artist Vincent Leroy explores a poetic view of technological possibility, creating ethereal spaces that slow down perceptions of time.

The ‘Boreal Halo’ takes inspiration from the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. Leroy has constructed a white ring, ten meters in diameter, that hovers above the ground and gently rotates. Exhibited in Bucharest, Paris and Lyon, the ‘Boreal Halo’ is suspended from the ceiling with wire that is barely visible to the spectators below, giving the impression of levitation. As the structure rotates, open spaces are created for viewers to step inside and interact with the piece from a different perspective. Through ‘Boreal Halo’, Leroy continues his interest in slowing down perceptions of time and decomposing movement, establishing a space that is both mystic and hypnotic.


All images © Vincent Leroy