Step Into The Quiet World Of Nirav Patel


“When we stop to really listen and see the world, we can detect the quiet in the chaos,” says Nirav Patel. Intending to bring these quiet moments to life through photography, he creates worlds that are as serene as they are mysterious.

For the San Francisco-based artist, an interest in photography came out of his experiences in early childhood. At the age of 7, he lived in a troubled neighborhood where the only escape he could find was in solitude. He would enjoy the experience of being alone and create imaginary worlds in his room. Patel now explains that these early years strongly shaped how he sees the world today. He learned to simplify the chaos of everyday life by choosing the still moments of peace and capturing them with his camera. “I photograph them so I can remember and share the feelings that brought me comfort in some of the most difficult times,” he says. With the imagery as tranquil as he seems to be, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Patel’s first name, Nirav, means ‘quiet’ in Hindi.

Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00011
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00001
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00002
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00006
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00012
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00015
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00010
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00028
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00008
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00009
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00014
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00024
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00019
Nirav_Patel_Photography_ 00004

All images © Nirav Patel

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