A Collection Inspired By The Birth Of A Plant

Stemming from the idea that people have an inherent fascination for the various processes in nature, each object from the series ‘Biophilia’ symbolizes a step in a plant’s growth.

“All the objects came from a common origin and form a bigger whole.” The collection consists of four vessels made from stoneware, porcelain and earthenware. Owing to their decreasing width, each vessel can be stacked inside one another, creating multiple possible combinations and growing into a new object. Designed by Stoft Studio and manufactured by Zol Art, the project also embraces a business model where the designers share half of their profits with a producer.

Describing their project, the designers say: “At the first glance the objects may not seem perfectly matched, perhaps like the seed before it blossoms or like a chestnut inside its shell, but at a closer view one can notice how they all came from a common origin and form a bigger whole.” For more ceramic pieces, take a look at our shop.


All images © Ulrika Kestrel