‘Playtime’ is the first collection by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard. The idea behind the collection was to create a playful, easy-to-assemble interior and to make the process of putting together the pieces, as folding and joining, an interesting and fun part of the design.

Transformation was a central theme for the creation. It consists of three different interior items: a floor design, a chair and a table design. ‘The collection also include stilistic references back to both Asian and Scandinavian design traditions, fusing origami and the patterns of knitted, Nordic sweaters.’ You can assemble the furniture by folding them, the floor boards can be ‘clicked’ together with inserted magnets. This way you can create an entire floor and mix the pattern as you wish. ‘The furniture works almost like paper folding. When unfolded, it is flat, lightweight and easy to transport.’ say Zhang and Thonsgaard.

All images © Ying Zhang & Ida Thonsgaard | Via: Mocolocco

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