Limited Edition Puzzles From Bower And Blaise Cepis

The element of surprise plays a key role in the aesthetics of Bower — and their latest product is no different. The New York-based contemporary design studio has collaborated with photographer Blaise Cepis to create six limited edition puzzles, that feature the furniture collection in an unexpected way.

Sharing a bizarre yet beautiful approach to creating, Bower chose Blaise to photograph pieces from their recent furniture and mirror collection. The experimental designs became props in Blaise’s surreal dreamscape, with nude women in strange positions — typical of Blaise’s photography — draped over the furniture pieces. The unusual forms and material choice of Bower’s designs work harmoniously with Blaise’s aesthetic, offering intriguing insight to the character of the photographer and the studio. Staying true to the unexpected nature of both parties, Bower has released six images from the series as limited edition 500-piece puzzles. Only ten of each puzzle are being sold and each one comes with a signed and numbered matching print.


All images © Blaise Cepis & Bower