A South African Style Shoot By Geordie Wood

Brooklyn-based photographer Geordie Wood recently shot a fashion story set in South Africa. Working with a muted palette, Wood turned his lens to the patterns and details of the urban environment, interspersing images of his relaxed, well-dressed models with cars, architecture and graffiti. Wood’s background in photojournalism and fine art photography continually shines through his work, which appears in the likes of The New York Times, The Fader and Rolling Stone. Speaking of his photographic style, Wood says, “I am good at controlling and setting up situations that I like, but I’m also good at reacting to people in environments and working a bit on the fly. My work is a combination of those two things.”

geordie-wood_fashion_002 geordie-wood_fashion_003 geordie-wood_fashion_004 geordie-wood_fashion_005 geordie-wood_fashion_006 geordie-wood_fashion_007 geordie-wood_fashion_008 geordie-wood_fashion_009 geordie-wood_fashion_010 geordie-wood_fashion_011 geordie-wood_fashion_012 geordie-wood_fashion_013 geordie-wood_fashion_014 geordie-wood_fashion_015 geordie-wood_fashion_016 geordie-wood_fashion_018

All images © Geordie Wood