echoliving_House on Wheels

A Tiny House On Wheels By Echo Living


Run by multidisciplinary designer Sam Booth, architecture practice Echo Living specializes in designing eco-friendly tiny houses, such as the ‘House on Wheels‘, located on the island of Crete.

Commissioned as a retreat by a yoga teacher from Glasgow and built in the studio’s workshop in Scotland, the cabin was designed with the environment as well as the surrounding area in mind. The eco-friendly structure consists of sustainable materials, such as timber panels and flooring.

In a statement about the project, the studio says: “The eco cabin retreat has a minimal aesthetic and is designed to be off-grid. It is powered by solar panels and is highly insulated, keeping it cool in summer and retaining the heat from a small wood burning stove which is used on cool evenings and during the increasingly snowy winter months.”

echoliving_House on Wheels 6
echoliving_ nestling amongst olive trees
echoliving_ side decking
echoliving_ door to kitchen
echoliving_ View through kitchen door
echoliving_ interior 4
echoliving_ Kitchen
echoliving_ view from bed space
echoliving_ kitchen 3
echoliving_ living space
echoliving_ Bedroom window
echoliving_ nesting below village

All images © Echo Living

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