A Flexible Shelf By Alicja Prussakowska


Polish designer Alicja Prussakowska created a transformable shelf that bends according to the position of the objects placed on it. The piece consists of flexible wooden slats, which are connected by thin ropes. Titled ‘Mizu’, the movement of the shelves reflects the Japanese term for water. Prussakowska is currently finishing her studies at the Faculty of Industrial Design in Krakow, Poland.

All images © Bartłomiej Senkowski

Mizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-1 KopieMizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-5Mizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-3Mizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-7Mizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-8Mizu-Shelf-Alicja-Prussakowska-9
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