A Grass-Covered Museum By Studio Marco Vermeulen

The Biesbosch Museum in The Netherlands was recently renovated with a grass roof and expanded with a new wing for contemporary art by Rotterdam-based architecture firm Studio Marco Vermeulen. Located near the city of Dordrecht, the transformed building features hexagonal pyramids that are covered with grass and herbs. In a statement about the project, the architects say, “The roof adds ecological value, creating a sculptural object that reads as land art and, at the same time, manifests itself in the surrounding landscape.”

Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_1 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_2 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_3 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_4 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_5 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_6 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_7 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_8 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_9 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_10 Marco Vermeulen_Architecture_11 20150624_SMV_1204_Basis dak 1op300 P:Current projects1204 Biesbosch Museum�2_PRODCAD20130425_SMV_1204_plattegrond sections and plans Plan view 1-300 (1)

All images © Ronald Tilleman