A Geometric Morgue By Juan Carlos Salas


Designed by Spanish architecture studio Juan Carlos Salas, ‘Tanatorium’ is a striking minimalist morgue made of white concrete located in Zaragoza, Spain. The building has a unique geometric form and features a chimney that filters in sunlight with the aim of creating a “feeling of time passing by”. In a statement about the project, the architects say, “The ‘Tanatorium’ frames very important feelings of its users through the evocation of God and the cavern… Though a formal gesture, this concrete cavern opens in diagonal direction to the sun, worshipping this primitive god.”

All images © Diaporama

Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_!Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_1Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_2Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_3Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_4Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_5Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_6Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_7Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_8Juan Carlos Salas_Architecture_planJuan Carlos Salas_Architecture_plan2
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