Vibrant Urban Landscapes By Ben Thomas

In the series ‘Chroma’, Australian photographer Ben Thomas captures photos of urban landscapes featuring bright aqua-hued tones and simple forms that resemble illustrations. Shot across a number of cities – including London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai – the images depict a diverse mix of architecture and skylines. To achieve the color and texture seen in his photos, Thomas usually photographs on sunny days and uses photo editing tools to create the right balance between intensity and depth.

In an interview about the project, he says: “I think the cities and places we live in can sometimes present as overly complex and somewhat daunting … I want to show the inherent beauty that exists when you start breaking down these intricate scenes to their most simple components.”

Ben Thomas_Photography_1 Ben Thomas_Photography_2 Ben Thomas_Photography_3 Ben Thomas_Photography_4 Ben Thomas_Photography_5 Ben Thomas_Photography_6 Ben Thomas_Photography_7 Ben Thomas_Photography_8 Ben Thomas_Photography_9 Ben Thomas_Photography_10 Ben Thomas_Photography_11 Ben Thomas_Photography_12 Ben Thomas_Photography_13

All images © Ben Thomas