A Store With Wooden Layered Interiors By Jordana Maisie


Designer Jordana Maisie created modern and minimal interiors for Australian leather shoe brand FEIT’s latest store in New York City. The new shop, located in the West Village, features walls made of suspended timber sheets and plays with the viewer’s perception of space. To create the immersive retail experience, Maisie combined craft techniques with digital technologies, such as CNC machines, with the aim of “pushing the tension between what is hand and what is machine made”.

All images © Nicholas Calcott / Naho Kubota

Jordana Maisie_Design_1Jordana Maisie_Design_2Jordana Maisie_Design_3Jordana Maisie_Design_5Jordana Maisie_Design_6Jordana Maisie_Design_7Jordana Maisie_Design_8Jordana Maisie_Design_9Jordana Maisie_Design_10
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