Sustainable Tree-Like Houses By Oas1s


Oas1s is a green housing concept that envisions buildings as trees. The futuristic-looking four-story ‘treescrapers’ feature a large facade covered in plants. Using trees as a model for the buildings, the housing units operate sustainably by consisting of recycled wood and leaves, collecting sun through solar panels and water in boilers as well as providing oxygen. The aim is to provide a green solution for housing in the future as well as meet “the deep human need to become one with nature”.

On the idea behind it, founder and designer Raimond de Hullu says: “Growing up in rural southern Holland I fell in love with nature, spending much time in the forest or at the beach. When my father went to build a house I fell in love with architecture, which later extended to urban design as well. I was always passionate to create a fusion between both, plus making a deep and lasting difference to this world. Because our cities suffocate people and spoil nature, people desire an ancient balance with nature, an urban oasis.”

Visualizations by © Oas1s

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