Tatsuya Tanaka Creates Playful Miniature Scenes Everyday

Since 2011, Japanese art director and designer Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating playful and intricate miniature dioramas as part of his ‘miniature calendar‘ project. Initially, it started as a way to document Tanaka’s collection of diorama dolls, but became a long-term project when an Instagram commenter suggested he create a scene everyday. In an interview about the themes explored in the project, Tanaka says: “The theme is ‘the interest of likening one thing to another’. In doing so, you can see how everyday things can become more fun when imagined in a different way.”

Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_0 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_! Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_2 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_3 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_4 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_5 new Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_6 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_7 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_8 Tatsuya Tanaka_Art_9

All images © Tatsuya Tanaka