Nuno Andrade Captures Minimal Pastel Architecture Photos


In the series ‘Urban Geometry‘, Portuguese photographer and filmmaker Nuno Andrade captures simple building parts and details to create minimal architecture images. Shot from various perspectives, the photographs typically feature sharp angles, clean lines and soft colors. In a statement about his work, Andrade says: “I consider myself a coherent photographer and I know that my projects are expressions of my personal likes. I love visions with great impact, and I try to create powerful and timeless images.”

All images © Nuno Andrade

Nuno Andrade_Photography_0Nuno Andrade_Photography_4Nuno Andrade_Photography_6Nuno Andrade_Photography_5Nuno Andrade_Photography_1Nuno Andrade_Photography_0.5Nuno Andrade_Photography_3Nuno Andrade_Photography_2Nuno Andrade_Photography_7Nuno Andrade_Photography_8Nuno Andrade_Photography_9Nuno Andrade_Photography_10Nuno Andrade_Photography_11Nuno Andrade_Photography_15Nuno Andrade_Photography_12Nuno Andrade_Photography_13Nuno Andrade_Photography_14
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