Hyperrealistic Obese Nude Sculptures By Mu Boyan


Chinese artist Mu Boyan creates photorealistic sculptures of obese nude men in bizarre situations. Whether folded over a wall or hanging off a tree, the men in his pieces always seem to have an endearing quality about them. According to Juxtapoz Magazine, Boyan was born in Shandong Province in China and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

All images © Aye Gallery

Mu Boyan_Art_12Mu Boyan_Art_1Mu Boyan_Art_14Mu Boyan_Art_15Mu Boyan_Art_16Mu Boyan_Art_2Mu Boyan_Art_3Mu Boyan_Art_9Mu Boyan_Art_11Mu Boyan_Art_13
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