Artist Rómulo Celdrán Turns Everyday Objects Into Oversized Sculptures


Artist Rómulo Celdrán turns everyday objects into oversized sculptures for his series ‘Macro’. From a soda can to a hot-water bottle and clothespin – since 2013, he reimagines the more often than not overseen objects of our daily lives. Most of the sculptures are made of cardboard and their upscaled size put the viewer into a new reality. As children, we once discovered the things around us with a lot of curiosity. By placing us before a growing world, the artist plays with our perception: ‘I believe there is something magic in the world of scales. There is a kind of emotional memory that invites us to feel the relationship with the Macro objects as if it were a game,’ Rómulo Celdrán says.

All images © Rómulo Celdrán | Via: My Modern Met

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