There Are Infinite Reasons To Love This Photographer And Her 97-Year-Old Muse


Philadelphia-based photographer Candace Karch accompanied Ms. Ulmer, a 97 year old artist, for over five years with her camera to create a series of powerful photographs.

Candace Karch states: “Marie Ulmer is a 97 year old artist (…). She has made a piece of art everyday for the last ninety years. For thirty five years she worked at the Free Library of Philadelphia as a commercial illustrator. During that period, she continued her studio practice as a fine artist. Her art work, which spans over eight decades, includes a wide variety of styles and mediums. Some of the most striking works for me have been her self portraits. She used herself as a model primarily because, as she put it, “I drew who was available.” She is an only child, who was never married and without children, and she devoted herself to art, her constant companion. I have great admiration for her dedication and persistence regarding her art.”

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All images © Candace Karch

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