An Atelier, Home And Guest House For An Artist In Spain


Miba architects and SiO2 arch created a single family house and atelier for the artist Lara Rios in Spain. The building houses four autonomous but correlated units, house, guest apartment, atelier and garage.

The house and the atelier merge in the open hallway in the center of the building in a large, roofed space. Every area in the house has double orientation, lighting and ventilation. The construction is based on a metal corrugated plate exposed in the interior, with a thermal layer of 10cm that covers all the volume and with an exterior finished of flexible stucco on fiber reinforced resins. In the guest apartment the thermal blanket is substituted by a garden roof that establishes continuity between the garden and the building and provides a similar insulation.

All images © Miba architects, SiO2 arch

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