Surre by Homo Ex Machina


London based photographer Milana Zadworna aka Homo Ex Machina creates surreal images that are inspired by the human body, neurobiology, mathematics and cosmos. Her imagery is a disjunctive zone of faces, still life, old images and radiograph of brain. In her work ‘Surre’ she balances between inversion and asceticism.

She states: “I am interested in a new technology and art in conjuction with science. I have an autism for reality and my reality is seen in shapes of pareidolia. This is stimulus to convert austere image from camera to geometrical and multiple significance. This is like dictatorship of my mind.”

All images © Milana Zadworna | Via: Eye Spired

Homo Ex Machina_Surre_01Homo Ex Machina_Surre_02Homo Ex Machina_Surre_03Homo Ex Machina_Surre_04Homo Ex Machina_Surre_05Homo Ex Machina_Surre_06Homo Ex Machina_Surre_07Homo Ex Machina_Surre_08Homo Ex Machina_Surre_09Homo Ex Machina_Surre_10Homo Ex Machina_Surre_11Homo Ex Machina_Surre_12
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